The five-hour round trip Valley of the Winds walk is necessarily started early in the day, to make the most of cooler temperatures. The hike can be taken as a private guided hike or on a self-guided basis with Longitude 131° pickups and drop offs.

A wonderful, challenging hike, this trail traverses rocky terrain, cool groves, creeks and canyons before climbing through a steep gorge between red domes to reveal a relief of rolling green plains. Walkers enter the sacred territory of Aboriginal Anangu men, a place where traditional secret men’s business is carried out. Many walkers experience a spiritual connection with the country.

1 Valley of the Winds
2 Valley of the Winds

The walk offers an unforgettable experience with the interior of the 36 domed Kata Tjuta site and is categorised as a Grade 4 walk for its rocky track and steep sections. There’s a chance to spot wildlife along the way, from ‘euros’ or rock wallabies to lizards, finches and colourful budgerigars. The hike may be taken on a guided basis or as a self-guided adventure with private vehicle drop off and pickup.