The Karingana lookout is a highlight along the Valley of the Winds hike through the domes of Kata Tjuta.

Walkers start the Valley of the Winds hike from the carpark, and cover rocky pathways on the way to entering the interior of the Kata Tjuta site. Best taken in the early morning to avoid the warmer midday temperatures, this four-hour hike is a walk-and-return hike, with Karingana the tipping point.

Walkers pass through rocky sections and grassy expanses, pass flowing creeks (depending on the season) and encounter colourful birds and wildlife.

1 Karingana Lookout
2 Karingana Lookout

The spectacular Karingana lookout is reached after a hike up a ridge between towering gorge walls, a saddle with views out to rolling green plains of the Valley of the Winds and back through the soaring red domes.

The trail passes through territory sacred to Anangu men, and is considered as challenging as it is rewarding. The hike may be taken on a guided basis or as a self-guided adventure with private vehicle drop off and pickup.