At Longitude 131°, our environmental commitment is best expressed by the lodge’s interaction with its local natural and cultural surroundings. A dynamic environmental management plan featuring state-of-the-art, continually evolving technologies steers lodge operations and ultimately enhances each guest’s experience of the destination. A proactive approach to best managing the health of our environmental setting is key to our guests’ experience, to the ongoing appeal of the destination and to the sustainability of business in experiential tourism.

Essential to a stay at Longitude 131° is a chance to connect with the country’s oldest living culture, the Aboriginal Anangu, whose history in the region dates some 60,000 years. Guests at Longitude 131° learn of the Aboriginal stories that relate to the land, and – as part of the lodge’s personally guided signature experiences – gain a deeper understanding of the Red Centre and its heritage. The discoveries that spring from hearing sacred legends, tasting new flavours and feeling the spirit of the land create the enduring memories of the timeless landscape.

The broader Baillie Lodges’ commitment to sustainable luxury travel is best expressed by the lodges’ interactions with their natural environment, the local community and culture. The protection and preservation of each lodge’s natural and cultural surroundings is a firm priority. The Baillie Lodges’ approach to sustainability is essential to lodge operations both to ensure the well-being of the destinations it operates in and to enhance the guest experience.

Natural Environment

Dynamic environmental management plans for each property embrace advanced and emerging technology and work alongside local organisations including government agencies, national parks and conservation sanctuaries, ensuring all activities are in line with each region’s conservation goals.

Local Community

Active engagement with local communities includes establishing supportive supplier relationships with food and drink producers, Indigenous artists and designers as well as supporting local charities, education initiatives, community events and work experience programs.

Culture & Heritage

Baillie Lodges provides guests with a chance to connect with the culture and heritage in which each lodge is located. This encompasses all aspects of the lodge experience, from design to food and drinks and signature guest tours.


Baillie Lodges’ own team of people is its greatest asset, and the company carries a ‘family’ style culture with a commitment to the long-term development and wellbeing of every member of its team.

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