A morning walk around Uluru’s base tells the Aboriginal Tjukurpa story of Kuniya Piti and reveals the swimming hole and frequently running waterfall at Mutitjulu. It’s also the home of Wanampi, an ancestral watersnake.

Lush green trees and grasses are a surprising sight in this section of Uluru. The Aboriginal story of Kuniya Piti is integral to a better understanding of Uluru and the Anangu belief system. When walking around Mutitjulu Waterhole visitors are surrounded by the presence of two ancestral beings: Kuniya the woma python and Liru the poisonous snake.

1 Mutitjulu Waterhole
2 Mutitjulu Waterhole

The individual Kuniya and Liru stories occur on different sides of Uluru, but their dramatic battle took place near Mutitjulu waterhole, and a giant cave nearby reveals the secrets of the story from start to deadly finish.

Morning tea is served in the cool shade of the trees before the tour returns to Longitude 131°.